This honor teaches Pathfinders about the unique history and biodiversity in the region known as Palouse. 

Search and Rescue (1).png

Search & Rescue

This honor teaches the history and purpose of search and rescue, as well as how it operates. Participants will learn that it's primarily run by volunteers. They will also learn about the training the volunteers have to go through to help them be effective. The honor goes through steps on how to avoid needing search and  rescue and how it relates to our spiritual lives. 


Dams & Hydroelectricity

Dams are an amazing engineering marvel, but do you know their purpose? This honor teaches about various types of dams, how they are made, and their function. It discusses the differences between a hydroelectric dam and other types. You will learn the various parts of a dam which help it to generate electricity, and you will be able to visit a dam. Finally, you will research dams in the Bible, and find out what they represent.

Glacier Honor Patch_edited.png


This honor explores how glaciers have formed our world, both past and present. From a Christian viewpoint we look at how these remarkable landmarks were created, and why glaciers are important in our understanding of our environment. 

Disc Golf Honor Patch.png

Disc Golf

Like ultimate frisbee, disc golf has been steadily gaining popularity as a sport. Disc golf involves a level of precision and steadiness that is more like conventional golf, though more accessible to a wide range of people. This honor will teach the fundamentals and history of disc golf, as well as how it can be used for a ministry. 

Explorer Honor Patch

Explorers of the West

This honor teaches about the early explorers and mountain men that paved the way for pioneers to travel to the Northwest.

Surveying Honor Patch.png

Land Surveying

Land surveying is one of the most underappreciated professions. It's foundational for construction, real estate, cartography, and more, yet few people understand it. This honor explores what surveyors do, and some of the history behind this fascinating profession. 

Hydroelectric advanced.png

Dams & Hydroelectricity Advanced

This honor builds on the knowledge learned in Dams and Hydroelectricity. You'll go deeper into the elements of a dam and be able to identify/describe the function of various parts of a hydroelectric generator. You can build your own dam, and will share an object lesson on what you've learned.

Fire Prevention.png

Wildfire Preparation & Prevention

This honor emphasizes the benefits and effects of wildfire prevention. It teaches the importance of fire suppression and community services in the aftermath of a major fire. It also explores methods that can help minimize damages in case of a wildfire or to proactively avoid these situations in the first place. This honor adapts portions of the Firewise program to streamline Pathfinder involvement.

Disc Golf Honor Patch advanced.png

Disc Golf Advanced

This honor builds on the skills and knowledge learned in the disc golf honor. Develop better playing skills and a more in depth understanding of the technical terms used in the game.